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Emotional Intelligence fuels performance and success in all areas of our lives. The ability to understand, use and manage our emotions enables us to understand emotions also in others to help us build stronger relationships and make better personal decisions to achieve positive results. Confidence, ability to empathise, social and communication skills, self-control, resilience and conflict management are all strongly connected to your Emotional Intelligence skills.

Emotional Intelligence is certainly something you can learn and for that we have built a unique, easy access Emotional Intelligence online learning platform. You can sign up to various courses around different aspects of Emotional Intelligence to explore your own Emotional Intelligence and gain life changing skills that can be implemented into everyday life.    

Who we are, what we do and why we are so passionate about it!

Why Emotional Intelligence?
What is it?

Emotional Intelligence. Skills for Life.

Emotional Intelligence is present in our everyday lives. You may not consciously be aware, but these are skills that guide the way we behave and every decision that we make. Emotional Intelligence is not a personality trait you either have or don’t have. It’s a set of skills that anyone can learn. Read more here.

Emotional Intelligence Online Learning Platform

Emotional Intelligence. Skills for Life.

We set out to create a platform that was affordable and easily accessible to everyone! EI is a field of study backed by years of academic research in the field of neuro- and behavioral sciences and we feel that all of us should have access to these techniques without an astronomical price tag attached. Visit our Emotional Intelligence Online Learning Platform here.

About us.
Who we are.

Emotional Intelligence. Skills for Life.

Emotional Intelligence. Skills for Life. was created amidst the covid 19 pandemic by two friends, former college flatmates, business partners and Emotional Intelligence advocates. Our mission is to make scientific research based Emotional Intelligence techniques easily available to everyone. Read more and get to know us here.

Emotional Intelligence. Skills for Life.

Emotional Intelligence Course Selection

Our Emotional Intelligence online learning course selection includes a number of different topics around Emotional Intelligence and we are adding more material all the time. The courses we have available at the moment include:

  • Emotional Intelligence C.A.L.M. Method
  • Emotional Intelligence MasterClass
  • Emotional Intelligence Deep Dive

Emotional Intelligence. Skills for Life.

New courses launching in 2020

  • Emotional Intelligence during Coronavirus
  • Emotional Intelligence & Parenting
  • Emotional Intelligence & Eating
  • Emotional Intelligence in Recruitment
  • Emotional Intelligence in Working Remotely
  • Emotional Intelligence & Leadership
  • Emotional Intelligence & Working Memory Capacity

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

I finally found the determination to change the direction of my professional career and aim for the right things in my life.

“Emotional Intelligence MasterClass was an eye opener for me. The clear steps and tools brought clarity of my pain points and made me realize the direction I really wanted.”

Minja K.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Emotional Intelligence Habit Tracking System accelerated my potential to a whole new level.”

“I now know what my strengths are, I know what I want to achieve and I`m heading down the right path thanks to the input I got from this course.
Emilia K.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Emotional Intelligence Habit Tracker stopped me from overworking myself and I finally found courage in setting boundaries.

“Being on the career ladder whilst having young kids is quite the combo. Discovering The Emotional Intelligence Resilience System gave me a whole new range of tools to achieve a healthy work-life balance.”
Taru J.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Already after a few weeks I have felt noticeable changes in my emotional reactions such as more patience, caring and willingness to listen before judging.”

“Helinä’s courses on EI have helped me to gain new insights into my emotions and my relation to other people. The Habit Tracking class gave me new insights into how my own emotional well-being influences my interaction with others and what the key factors are in life that can help me find more balance. The Habit Tracker is a great tool which has finally gotten me into journaling and integrating times for reflection into my daily routines. The Master class and the assessments that I made during the class have made me discover how I can improve my relationships to others and what kind of a position I take on in relation to other people, based on my own personality. Thank you Helinä for highly valuable content that will help me on my way to become a better version of myself both for my family but also for leading my research team at the university.
Judith L. PhD, Lecturer & Research Group-leader

Emotional Intelligence. Skills for Life.
Emotional Intelligence. Skills for Life.
Emotional Intelligence. Skills for Life.

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