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We are two friends from Finland, who studied together in Amsterdam (once upon a time) and recently decided to become business partners. In between us, we have gained over 25 years of  combined experience in the corporate world internationally as well as a wealth of invaluable life experience. But more importantly, we are true Emotional Intelligence advocates and our mission is to make scientific research based Emotional Intelligence techniques easily available to everyone.

The Covid-19 pandemic has turned our lives upside down. It has put us all under emotional stress and it can sometimes be tough to cope with the “new normal” of social distancing and increased isolation. It has truly put our Emotional Intelligence skills into test in all fronts of our lives.

The job market has also come to a halt, affecting many, including us. Although this has been a really challenging time, we took it as an opportunity to reflect on what is most important to us in our personal lives and in our work, and this is how the idea for Emotional Intelligence. Skills for Life. online learning platform was born.

We realised that what we really wanted to do was create something that would have a lasting positive impact on people’s lives. With Helinä’s experience as a Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner and mine as a Digital Marketeer, we have been able to do just that. Emotional Intelligence. Skills for Life. provides easy, affordable access to the best science-based Emotional Intelligence training available online.

Emotional Intelligence. Skills for Life.

Helinä Mellanen

Emotional Intelligence Ambassador and Certified Emotional Intelligence Practitioner.

I am a career mum of three, an MBA, an entrepreneur and an internal researcher and have found my place in this world through coaching Emotional Intelligence skills to others. I have been lucky enough to live all over the world and work with different cross-cultural challenges during my 15-year career in sales and organizational process management.

Without realising it Emotional Intelligence has been at the core of everything that has been successful in my career and my life. I have not only been coaching in the corporate world, but also helping athletes achieve their full potential through brain training and Emotional Intelligence.

Speaking engagements have been one key component at helinamellanen.com, but amidst the pandemic I decided to roll up my sleeves with my good friend Tuuli and make coaching accessible to everyone without any face-to-face restrictions or astronomical price tags.

Seeing and experiencing the challenges faced, especially by career women today, and understanding the pressure most of us are under to manage all aspects of our “rush years” I hope to help as many people as possible to apply Emotional Intelligence skills and right brain training techniques to their everyday lives to overcome the biggest barriers and blocks in order to start achieving the things we really want in life.

I apply the most recent finding of neuro and behavioural sciences in all my coaching and I guess you can say that I´m a living example of someone who implements her own research findings into my daily routines of managing a big family, a corporate career, my own business and my elderly parents as an only child. Achieving the goals I’ve set for myself is key, but above all enjoying the ride!
Email me: helina@ei-skillsforlife.com

Emotional Intelligence. Skills for Life.

Tuuli Luoto

Emotional Intelligence Advocate and CRM & Digital Marketing Communications Professional

I have been in Customer Relationship Management and Digital Marketing Communications for over a decade helping corporations big and small to adopt more data driven personalised communications into their digital marketing strategies. Although I was born and raised in Finland, I have built my career in London, returning to Finland just a few of years ago.

Emotional Intelligence has helped me throughout my career and it is clear that it has been a valuable asset in being able to empathise with others and building rapport with colleagues and customers. When creating personalised content, for instance, it is crucial  to get to know your audiences and be able to empathise with them in order to think of important topics, produce content that is relevant and personalised, and anticipate questions and hangups.

As a keen golfer, I have also used Emotional Intelligence on the golf course. Approaching the round with a positive attitude and clearing my head of any poor golf rounds in the past and not letting a few bad shots reduce my confidence. Envisioning the shot I want to hit and not paying attention to the narrow fairway, the water hazard or the bunker. Envisioning the perfect swing and imagining the ball falling perfectly on the green.

The general perception about Emotional Intelligence is that you either have it or you don’t and that Emotional Intelligence equals empathy. Wrong, and wrong. Empathy is certainly a big part of emotional intelligence, but there is so much more to it and there are many techniques that you can learn to make you a more emotionally intelligent person.

Some people are naturally better at this but it’s a myth that you either have or you don’t. It just takes practise and it is something we can all learn to be better at. Techniques of learning how to deal with a whole variety of emotions we are capable of feeling and focusing on the positive ones will help us strive forward in whatever it is that we choose to do next.

Email me: tuuli@ei-skillsforlife.com

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