What is Emotional Intelligence?

In the hectic world that we live in we can often find ourselves in a position where we don’t have time for the things that matter to us the most. We lack the energy to make any changes to our lives and yet we dream of achieving peace of mind, calm and happiness. The feelings of stress and anxiety take over way too often and we just wonder is this what we planned for ourselves. 

Have you ever wondered how have high achieving politicians managed it? For decades now Olympic athletes, corporate leaders and celebrities have been powered up by their own personal lineup of business coaches, hypnotherapists and personal trainers. But what if I told you that you only needed one skill set to manage what all these trainers and coaches have been helping people achieve? It’s called Emotional Intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence is not a personality trait you either have or don’t have. It’s a set of skills anyone can learn, where we train our brain to adapt to different situations in life. Through Emotional Intelligence we learn to manage our emotions, which affect our decision making, our careers, our family life, our relationships, our parenting skills, our leadership skills and above all the way we manage our daily lives overall.

Emotional Intelligence. Skills for Life.

What exactly is Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence (EI or EQ) is the ability to understand and manage emotional encounters. People who score highly on Emotional Intelligence are better able to handle daily stress, foster more close and meaningful relationships and are socially competent overall. The higher your Emotional Intelligence, the better your chances of living a fulfilling life.

What are the four characteristics of Emotional Intelligence?

Being self-aware, aware of others, having the skills to manage your own emotions and manage others. Emotional Intelligence skills also include the skills of empathy, openness, authenticity and being able to manage complex emotions such as fear, anxiety and guilt.

What does it mean to be Emotionally Intelligent?

To be Emotionally Intelligent you must be aware of the emotions you experience in day to day life and be able to manage those emotions. Starting from your personal relationships to the relationships in your career, you will learn to manage yourself and your relationships with others. Research has found that Emotionally Intelligent people tend to experience a greater feeling of overall well-being than those who have not practiced these skills.

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